Farriers with an AFA Level next to their name have completed a comprehensive series of testing, established by the American Farriers Association. This includes a written exam, practical shoe making and practical horseshoeing.

NameAFA LevelPhoneService Area
Anderson, Doug

Agostinelli, Mark



Eggink, JoshCJF301-418-1237
Glenn, Mike717-387-2048
Grimm, Andrew240-215-5649Myersville, MD
Hagen, Brian240-422-6678Poolesville, MD
Hanna, Sharon717-261-7381McConnellsburg, PA
Hickman, Eric301-514-4602
Lynch Patty301-693-3866Mt Airy, MD
Mercer, RichardCF301-712-6294Central, MD
Minnick, CoreyCJF301-748-7754Middletown, MD
Moats, Samantha717-377-9060Hagerstown, MD
Poe, MikeCJF443-450-4763Central MD
Rudesill, Chris240-367-6428Middletown, MD
Snyder, Sarah352-552-2841Union Bridge, MD
Wiles, Kevin301-371-4652Middletown, MD
American Farriers Association Certification Levels
Therapeutic Endorsement
Certified Journeyman Farrier
Certified Tradesman Farrier
Certified Farrier