In order to provide the best vaccination program for your horse, we like to follow the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) guidelines.

Vaccinations can be divided into two main groups; core vaccines and risk-based vaccines. Core vaccinations protect against diseases that are endemic to a region, are virulent/ highly contagious, pose a risk of severe disease, those having potential public health significance, and/or are required by law. Core vaccines are recommended for all horses.

Risk-based vaccines are selected for use based on risk assessment. Use of these vaccines may vary between individuals, populations, and/or geographic regions. The staff at South Mountain Equine can help determine what risk-based vaccines are necessary to keep your horse protected. For additional vaccination information, visit the AAEP website.

DiseaseLow Risk HorseHigh Risk HorseComments
* TetanusAnnualAnnualBooster at time of penetrating injury or prior to surgery if last dose was administered over 6 months previously
* RabiesAnnualAnnualBooster if bit by a wild animal
* Eastern/ Western    EncephalomyelitisAnnualBi-Annual
* West Nile VirusAnnualAnnual
Equine Herpesvirus-1BroodmaresBroodmaresGiven at 5,7,9 months of gestation
InfluenzaAnnualBi-AnnualFrequency based on exposure
RhinopneumonitisAnnualBi-AnnualFrequency based on exposure
Potomac Horse FeverAnnualBi-AnnualFrequency based on exposure
BotulismBased on locationBased on locationIsolated areas

* Core Vaccines recommended for all horses