Eye exams are an important part of your horse’s overall health care. We treat acute injuries, such as eyelid lacerations and corneal ulcers, as well as chronic conditions such as glaucoma, tumors and uveitis. We can diagnose and treat most of your horse’s eye ailments right on the farm. Diagnostics often include:
  • Staining the cornea to look for ulcers
  • Blocking the eye lid
  • Dilating the pupil
  • Direct exam using an ophthalmascope
  • Using ultrasound to examine structures in the back of the eye

Enucleations can be performed with standing anesthesia as well as chemotherapeutic treatments when necessary.

Tonometer’s are used to measure intraocular pressures in our patients. The TONOVET Plus was designed to be easy to use and gentle on the patient’s cornea. It uses a rebound measurement principle to obtain accurate readings. A lightweight probe gently bounces off the cornea to collect the data. No anesthesia is needed for the cornea and the results are provided instantly on the TONOVET’s screen. Intraocular pressures are useful in the diagnosis of certain ocular diseases as well as the monitoring of disease progression. Pressures that are too high or too low in a horse’s eye can have lasting consequences and potentially lead to loss of vision. The TONOVET is one more tool we have available to help provide the best and most advanced care for our clients and patients.

Corneal abscess

Post surgical squamous cell carcinoma

Retina detachment from ultrasound examination

Subpalpebral lavage system