Preventative Health Care Programs 2020

PHC Program 2020

Provided to ALL PHC participants:

  • Coggins are digital and accessible through Global Vet Link at
  • Discount (10%) on additional Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments.
  • Discount (10%) on Laser Therapy treatments.
  • Discount (10%) on Shockwave Therapy.
  • Ideally chiropractic/acupuncture will not be performed on the same day as a dental.
  • Any additional FEC will be at a reduced fee.
  • Discounted microchip implantation ($30) with a USEF compliant 9 digit universal microchip.
  • Discount (10%) on all additional blood work.
  • Discount (10%) on any additional vaccines (i.e. IN Strangles, Botulism, Lyme (canine)).
  • Discount (10%) on hay analysis.
  • Discount (10%) on survey radiographs (Hocks, Hooves, Back or neck).
  • No substitutions.
  • Discount $15 on additional Opt1/Opt2 packages purchased 
  • Any ADDITIONAL VISITS will be invoiced for a trip fee. There ONE trip fee included with Option 1 and TWO trip fees included with Option 2 (even if multiple horses are seen). No exceptions. 

Our PHC Programs meet the requirements for SmartPak’s ColiCare program. This program provides us to $10,000 towards colic surgery as long as your horses is enrolled in their program with their SmartDigest supplement and is currently receiving yearly veterinary preventive care. Although we do not have strong evidence that this supplement will prevent colic, it is a good way to provide you with the resources should your horse ever need c olic surgery. Smartpak Colicare


Wellness Exam: A physical exam is one of a veterinarian’s most valuable diagnostic tools.A physical exam includes TPR (temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate). Your veterinarian will also auscult (listen to with a stethoscope) your horses heart, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract. Auscultation of these organs can identify abnormalities that may require further investigation. A basic ophthalmic exam is also performed to detect any significant abnormalities and/or age-related changes. The body condition of your horse will also be assessed and a weight tape will be used to estimate their weight.

Fecal Egg Count (FEC): Due to parasitic resistance, our approach to deworming is now based on fecal egg counts. This allows us to determine an individual horse’s parasite burden and develop a deworming program specifically based on that horse’s needs. This will allow you to deworm as needed rather than based on a rotational calendar.
Chemistry: Protein, electrolytes, kidney enzymes, liver enzymes.

CBC: White blood cells, red blood cells, platelets. A yearly CBC and chemistry profile are included in Option 1 and Option 2. This routine blood work is another tool in monitoring your horse’s overall health status. The CBC is used to identify any signs of anemia, infection, or inflammatory disease. The chemistry profile is an indicator of organ function by measuring enzymes and electrolytes in the blood and comparing them to a standardized range.

Oral Examination and Dental: Routine dental care is another important aspect of your horse’s overall health care plan. A thorough oral exam will be performed under standing sedation with an oral speculum. Examination also includes the use of a mirror, dental pick and oral endoscope. If deemed necessary, motorized dentistry will be performed to remove any sharp enamel points which have developed and correct any mild abnormalities including hooks, ramps, or wavemouth. A thorough oral exam also allows us to identify more advanced conditions such as a loose or fractured tooth, or periodontal disease. Treatments for these types of conditions are not covered under the PHC Program and are an additional charge. Initial sedation for the dental is included in the package.

Sheath/Udder Cleaning: It is important for your horses health to make sure these areas are well cleaned once a year.

Terms and Conditions:

Sign-up is from 12/01/2017 through 4/01/2018. Enrollment begins at the receipt of payment prior to first visit. There is no carry over to the following year.
Payment and enrollment are required prior to the first appointment. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards for your prepayment convenience. Monthly payment plans are available with a credit card, there will be a one time $35 fee per horse to be on a monthly payment plan. All plans must either be set up as a monthly payment or paid in full before the first visit. Monthly payments by check will not be accepted.

If an enrolled horse dies or is sold while participating in the PHC, a prorated refund will be given or you may transfer the level to another horse (with a limit of one transfer per term).

Selected levels may not be changed during enrollment term, but may be changed the following enrollment year.

Any discounts offered through the PHC can only be applied to the enrolled horse.

If all services offered in your selected level are not utilized within the enrollment term there is no refund or substitution.

Should your horse require or you request advanced dentistry (extra sedation or extractions) you will be responsible for the difference in price between a motorized dentistry (included in your package) and advanced dentistry.

Should your horse require deep muscle injections in addition to acupuncture, this will be an additional fee.
Participants may split call fees, but additional unscheduled horses will not be seen during a PHC appointment to ensure adequate time to evaluate your horse.

The following services are excluded from the PHC program:

  • Initial booster vaccines
  • Additional services not specified

Reminder – To receive the full benefit of your wellness plan, please collect a fresh manure sample (2-3 fecal balls) to provide your veterinarian during your wellness appointment. The sample should be placed in a Ziploc bag and should not be more than 24 hours old. If collected the night prior to your appointment, the sample should be refrigerated. Remember to label the Ziploc bag with your name, your horse’s name, and date.