Preventative Health Care Programs 2023

PHC Program 2023

Preventative Health Care Plans 2023

This year, enrollment will be open 01/01/2023- 4/01/2023, if you have previously signed up for a PHC you will be auto-enrolled the first week of January 2023. We are offering 2 plans, Options 1 and 2. In addition to the two plans, we are offering several discounts to optimize the level of care you provide your horse. For our senior horses, 15 and older, we encourage you to add the Geriatric Horse Add On package. With this package, we will do additional lab work (ACTH, Insulin, Glucose, T4 and Leptin). This will help us identify any other issues that may become more of a concern for your horse as they age. For horses that are suspected to have early onset of Cushing’s Disease, we will recommend a TRH Stim test which will have an additional cost on top of the Geriatric Add on, but it will be discounted. For our competition horses or horses that are in heavy work, we encourage you to add the Sport Horse Add On package.

For those of you new to our PHC Program, we bundle preventive care services together at a discounted rate. All horses receive wellness examinations, appropriate vaccines (based on exposure to other horses and area), yearly dental care and sheath or udder cleaning (initial sedation included) and three fecal egg counts (necessary to develop an appropriate de-worming strategy). We are offering a $15 discount for additional horses signed up for Option 1 or Option 2.

We offer monthly payment plans for our Option 2 PHC plan. If you would like to do monthly payments, there will be an additional $40 fee per plan.

Option 1 is designed for the horse that has minimal exposure to other horses, providing basic quality care. This plan consists of one visit in which your horse will receive a wellness exam and nutritional consultation, sedated oral exam and motorized dentistry, sheath or udder cleaning, vaccines (EWT/WNV, PHF and Rabies), a CBC and Chemistry blood work and a Fecal egg count. The plan also includes 2 fecal egg counts that are dropped off at one of our many drop off locations.

Option 2 is designed for the traveling athlete in work seasonally. This plan has two visits and three fecal egg counts. The first visit your horse will receive a wellness exam and nutritional consultation, vaccines (EWT/WNV, Flu/Rhino and PHF), a coggins will be drawn along with a CBC and Chemistry and a fecal egg count. The second fecal egg count is to be dropped off in the summer. The second visit or the Fall visit, will include a physical exam, sedated oral exam with motorized dentistry, sheath or udder cleaning and vaccines (EWT, Rabies, and Flu/Rhino) and a fecal egg count.

The Sport Horse Add-On is designed for horses that are actively showing, Eventing, Fox Hunting, Jumping, Team Penning, etc. Ideally this package is for any horse in heavy work that is exposed to other horses on a regular basis. With this add-on your horse will receive Balance Films of his/her front feet which will greatly help your vet and farrier to keep your horse sound and 6 chiropractic + acupuncture visits, which will help your horse, perform to his best ability.

The Geriatric Horse Add-On is designed for any horse showing symptoms of Equine Metabolic Disease or is over the age of 15. The extra tests we will run are ACTH, Insulin, Glucose, T4 and Leptin. These all test for metabolic issues so that we can help your horse be as healthy as possible. The Geriatric Add-on is recommended for any horse or pony showing symptoms of EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome) or Cushings (PPID). EMS is primarily in horses younger than 15 years old, while PPID usually affects horses older than 15. ACTH is a steroid hormone that is increased with PPID. Insulin is often elevated in horses with Equine Metabolic Syndrome. Leptin is a hormone produced by body fat and tells the brain that the horse is full and can stop eating. Leptin is increased with EMS. Note for scheduling: horses need to be fasted overnight and sampled first thing in the morning. Only available in combination with Option 1 or 2.

In some cases, a TRH Stimulation test will be recommended over the standard ACTH. If you have purchased this add on, the addition cost for a TRH Stimulation test will be $145. Generally, TRH Stim is recommended for horses that are suspected to have Cushing’s but are not showing clinical signs. This testing should be done between January and June.

When you sign up for the PHC Program appropriate for your horse(s) you can feel confident that your horse(s)’ basic preventive medicine costs are covered for the rest of the year. Please ask any staff member or veterinarian to help you choose the best level for your horse. To sign up, you have three options. You can call, email, or print out the attachment and fill in the last page and mail it to us.